Knowledge of astrology is useful for daily use in hindu homes. All the daily rituals and even day to day pursuits make use of astrology. While predictive astrology was mainly restricted for the kings in ancient times, practical astrology in the form of what we call today as electronic astrology was of concern to the layman as well.

The Hindu almanac which details information about the festivals, rituals and planetary combinations for the purpose of election of a suitable moment,and has been in use since times immemorial, is called a Panchanga .

A panchanga consists of five parts : 

1. Thithi  or the lunar date.

2.Vaara  or the day of the week.

3.Nakshatra  or the lunar asterism

4. Yoga 

5. Karana 

While vaara or the day of the week is the function of the sun alone, the other four parts of the panchanga depends on the disposition of the moon alone or the moon-sun duo.The moon thus has a special significance in vedic astrology, besides the sun. 

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