......The way he loves

Virgo ManThe Virgo sign has a high rate of bachelors. One can't see this as just a coincidence. On one hand, there's distrust; on the other hand, there's exigency.

Virgo Man is by no means ready to settle for just "anything". Then there's the fear of being cheated, betrayed, or abandoned. And may be even more serious is his fear of being violated, invaded, or of being asked to show his feelings, which he isn't capable of doing.

His reservedness and love for silence certainly don't help communication, which he totally refuses. If he speaks, he'll speak about anything except for the subjects that are intimate and sensitive. Virgo Man defends himself against all intrusion, refusing the excesses of passion. With the passing of years he improves on this score and allows himself to indulge in confidences.

When Virgo Man gets married, he tends to live next to his wife and not with her. He does his duty, supports his wife, and concerns himself with the education his children. But there are things that Virgo Man never talks about. This makes frustrated and unsatisfied women, causes households to explode, or forms couples who, at a certain age, have no other thing in common than evening crosswords, television, and household accounts !

The Virgo native is often faithful; if not, he commits adultery in a discreet manner following his profound liking for secrecy. He'll justify himself by thinking that he doesn't want his wife to suffer - for Virgo Man respects his home, or at least the facade of it that remains.

However, Virgo Man can love the same woman for a long time if she's clever enough or loving enough to admire him and constantly strengthen his self-confidence, and to give him a cozy and protected life.

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