......The way she loves

Virgo womanThe Virgo sign has a high rate of single people. One can't see this as just a coincidence. Your woman is pretty reserved as far as love is concerned. Her impulses are often slowed down by her reasoning, or by her critical sense and inclination to criticisms.

Virgo woman instinctively protects herself against the excesses of passion. One can also detect in her a blending of cynicism and inferiority complex, which defends itself with irony and protects itself with indifference. Her reservedness, her distrust as well as her love for silence certainly do not help communication, which she refuses with every fiber of her being. If Virgo womanspeaks, it's about anything except subjects that are intimate or sensitive.

Virgo woman defends herself against all intrusion, and she's afraid that someone might ask her to show her feelings, which she isn't capable of doing.On the other hand, Virgo woman is by no means ready to satisfy herself with just "anything". Extremely selective, she still prefers loneliness to a poorly matched union. Virgo woman isn't allergic to marriage by conviction, but she will not engage herself until she has found her ideal partner.

Nevertheless, at times, contrary to her ingrained habit, Virgo woman will want to have a few short-lived adventures while waiting for her great love to come.

When Virgo woman gets married, she tends to live next to her spouse and not with him. She fulfills her share of the conjugal duties, she cares about her children's education. But there are things that Virgo woman never talks about or share. This causes disturbed households, or makes couples who, at a certain age, have no other thing in common than evening crosswords and television shows !

Very chaste and introvert, the Virgo woman can't help thinking that great emotional outbreaks are somewhat ridiculous.
In any case, Virgo woman commits adultery only in a most discreet manner in accordance with her profound sense of secrecy. Virgo woman will justify herself by thinking that she doesn't want her husband to suffer - for she respects her home, or at least the facade of it that remains.

However, Virgo woman can love the same man for a long time if he's clever enough or loving enough to admire her and constantly strengthen her self-confidence, and to give her a cozy and protected life.

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