In numerology number 1 to 9 are main numbers and other are their repetition. Like if person is born on 19th of the month then he is number 1 person (19, 1+9= 10, 1+0=1) . If person is born on 25 of any month then he is number 7 (25, 2+5=7 ) person. Click on your birth number from below list and find out what it says to you. You can know about your lucky colors, dates and numbers. 



Numerology Service

Contact Astrologer Nepal Sailesh Ghimire is well reckoned as one of the supreme Numerology Consultants . According to numerology, there is a certain connection between the life and numbers. In the study of numbers, we are concerned with symbolism, f and geometrical relations. The study of numerology has its fundamental principles, alphabet, terminology and language. Like nine planets of the solar system, there are nine numbers that affect the life of the individual. Our Numerology Services includes remedies and solutions to overcome the hurdles by calculating the numbers. In addition to this, we also provide Numerology Consultancy for major decisions like marriage, buying property, investment, business etc.

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